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The game of questions and answers, it's fun ... but not always easy!
Wonder is there to help us find answers to little everyday questions, those wacky, serious or twisted questions that we all seek the answers to.

Participate in the identification of such small matters of daily life, from the most childish questions to metaphysical ones !
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  1. Why is May 1st a public holiday? (note : 3.76/5)
  2. Why does the rooster crow in the mornings? (note : 3.25/5)
  3. Why are zebras stripy? (note : 3.08/5)
  4. Why do we cry? (note : 3.00/5)
  5. Why do we have wrinkles? (note : 3.00/5)
  6. Why don't we immediately notice when a star has gone out? (note : 3.00/5)
  7. Why is space silent? (note : 2.95/5)
  8. Why doesn't the earth collide with the sun? (note : 2.94/5)
  9. Why do animals not speak when they have vocal cords? (note : 2.84/5)
  10. Why are fishes so slimy? (note : 2.83/5)
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