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    The 20 most commented questions:

  1. Why are the deserts in expansion? (15 comments)
  2. Why does the rooster crow in the mornings? (4 comments)
  3. Why can we see ourselves in a mirror? (3 comments)
  4. Why were castles built in the Middle Ages? (2 comments)
  5. Why do we have wrinkles? (2 comments)
  6. Why did dinosaurs disappear? (2 comments)
  7. Why do we shiver? (2 comments)
  8. Why do we distribute eggs at Easter? (2 comments)
  9. Why do we tan (2 comments)
  10. Why do animals not speak when they have vocal cords? (2 comments)
  11. Why is the earth flat at the poles? (2 comments)
  12. Why are Israelis and Palestinians always at war? (2 comments)
  13. Why shouldn't we refreeze food that has already been left to thaw? (2 comments)
  14. Why are there more tornadoes in the United States than in France? (2 comments)
  15. Why does water make bubbles when it boils? (2 comments)
  16. Why are flamingoes pink? (2 comments)
  17. Why is yawning so contagious? (2 comments)
  18. Why are the tips of our nails white? (2 comments)
  19. Why do car wheels seem to turn inversely when they turn fast? (2 comments)
  20. Why can we not go faster than light? (2 comments)

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